Our wide-ranging quality portfolio includes functional castors for furniture, design and apparatus, transport and heavy-duty castors - in zinc-plated, partially chrome-plated or stainless steel versions. Forklift wheels and rollers for industrial trucks, rollers for REHA technology, door and rope rollers as well as ball transfer rollers complete the delivery program.

We are the official concessionaire of the Torwegge company in Switzerland.

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Our conveyor technology range includes all relevant elements for modern conveyor technology such as ball transfer units, idlers, various roller rails and roller tracks, roller conveyors, etc. in a wide variety of designs.

The materials used and the manufacturing processes are based on the latest technical innovations. Our customers appreciate our flexibility and the possibilities for individual solutions. We are at your disposal with our know-how.

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Adjustable feet and swiveling, leveling adjustable feet to compensate for uneven floors in over 20,000 variations. Different shapes possible from diameter 20 mm to 120 mm. Material plastic PA, also in electrically conductive, zinc die-cast or stainless steel, with or without anti-slip plate, which can dampen slipping of leveling feet on smooth industrial floors or vibrations, height adjustable.

On request with screw holes in the plate, for screwing to underlay floor. Matching threaded rods in galvanized steel or stainless steel.

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Hufa-Rollen, as a Swiss partner, specializes in the production and processing of hot- and cold-curing elastomeric plastics based on polyurethane. Polyurethane materials combine the strength of plastics with the elasticity of rubber.

For the production of special compounds we are able to offer customized solutions for various applications.

We process parts up to 9000 mm total length, diameter up to 2400 mm and total weight up to 20 tons. Cylindrical and cambered grinding designs, longitudinal and transverse grooves or spiral grooving as well as different surface qualities are possible.


Workplaces are ergonomically adapted by balancers and spring balancers, which effortlessly steer into the correct work position.

We also offer transport equipment, which are useful helpers for warehouses and factories.

Our transport equipment is characterized by very good quality and stability and is suitable for transporting various goods and weight classes. Also our lifting tables, which serve in operational work processes both as transport aids and as versatile work equipment, relieve your back in a safe way.

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